Different Styles Of Wedding Photography

There are four different and distinct styles of Wedding Photography that your photographer could do.  You should inquire as to which style your photographer prefers.  For your education, listed below are the different styles.

This is the traditional style that dates back to the early 1940's, where the photographer, upon arriving at the bride's house, posed each photograph.  Throughout the wedding day he would have the couple look at the camera, smile and take the picture.

Advantage:  Each photograph taken is nearly perfect.

Disadvantage:  The amount of time it takes to "pose" each photograph limits the number of photographs taken to approximately 150.  This style leaves little room for photographic creativity.  All of the wedding images look the same.

With this style the photographer does not use a flash to take pictures.  He "paints" with light, not unlike the paintings that were created by the old Dutch Masters.  The backgrounds are dark with the subject in bright light.

Advantage:  Done well it looks like classic art work.

Disadvantage:  For most photographers this style is very difficult to do as each image has to be posed

The photographer takes pictures of people without posing them.  Some photographers are not comfortable with this style and will still have his subject turn to the camera and smile.  He will walk around with several different cameras while photographing all of the events.

Advantage:  Better people pictures with virtually no time wasted posing.

Disadvantage:  Usually only takes people photographs, some of the images will be less than perfect.

With this style, the photographer treats you wedding as a news event.  He looks to tell the story of your wedding day.  Images taken would be a mixture of certain locations, close-up photographs of special memorabilia, people showing emotion and natural moments as they occur.  The Wedding Photojournalist will take a few posed photographs, but he will concentrate mostly on the people, scenes, and events of the wedding day.

Advantage:  A more realistic look of the wedding day events.  All of the  photographs taken lend to story-telling.

Disadvantage:   A higher number of photographs are taken which means more photographs for the photographer to edit/process. It takes longer for you to see your wedding day photos.


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