GCUI Policies & Practices:

  1. Please confirm all changes in writing, either via e-mail: Gregory Geiger – Gregory@gregeiger.com; Caralee Kamens – production@gregeiger.com fax (203-795-8655)
  2. We will use our best judgment and past experience in photographing your event, this means consulting you to change plans so that your event may stay on schedule.
  3. No contract for services is valid until the GCUI Agreement form is delivered with the correct retainer fee at the GCUI Offices, and accepted by a GCUI company officer.
  4. Under NO circumstances will there be any other employees permitted to do photography at your wedding.
  5. In the event a wedding guest(s) impeed the GCUI photographic coverage, we will state to you our coverage is being immeadiately terminated.
  6. No refunds on album orders, reprint orders and/or your request to reduce the number of hours contracted for.
  7. You will review one (1) mock-up of your wedding album as it will be printed and bound.  This design will be based upon your selections and cropping instructions, if any. 
  8. You can make one (1) change to this mock-up design without any charges.  In the event you want to see any additional mock-ups, there is a $50 fee per change.
  9. No wedding album will be produced without you signing off on the final layout.
  10. No CD’s will be released if there are any outstanding balances with GCUI.
  11. You are responsible for all shipping costs.  We will consult you on your preferred shipping carrier.
  12. Photographs from your event can be posted to the Gregeiger Co. website. 

    As of 05/10/2013