Jasc®Paint Shop™ Photo Album™ helps Wedding Photographers' Thriving Business

Husband and wife team Caralee Kamens and Gregory Geiger aren't your typical wedding photographers. Not only have they gone totally digital (because it's more environmentally friendly), they have a unique approach to capturing weddings.

"We shoot weddings in a photojournalistic fashion," Kamens of Orange, Connecticut said. "You don't see us, you don't hear us, we're very hands off. We figure it's your day, you're supposed to be with family and friends and not posing for photos. We're not the formula people."

Because they take such a unique approach to photographing weddings, the images from just one event can add up fast. Sometimes Geiger and Kamens can return from a wedding with over 900 images. Managing such a colossal collection might be a daunting task, if it weren't for Paint Shop Photo Album.

"I couldn't live without Photo Album," Kamens said. "I love it! It's the best file manager I've used so far. I've used other file managers and they were far too clumsy."

 Kamens, who has been using Photo Album (and its various earlier incarnations) for years, said she's quite thrilled with the improvements made in Paint Shop Photo Album 4.

 "With the earlier version, my system was struggling a lot just to view the images," she said. "My files are huge 2MB JPEGs and I could always tell the program was thinking really, really hard. With this new version, even if the photos are TIFs, they open so fast. It just thrills me."

 Keeping track of such a large collection has forced Kamens to create her own photo management routine.

 "I'm very regimented in what I do," Kamens said. "I use Photo Album's sorting and renaming features quite extensively. I love that I can put in any file names I want."

 Photo Album's role in Kamens and Geiger's photography business Gregeiger Company Unlimited Inc., isn't limited to that of file manager. Kamens also uses Photo Album to present photos to their clients.

"When clients come over, I always show them their photos using Photo Album's slideshow," she said. "I also love the contact sheet print template."

 Kamens said she likes the flexibility Photo Album's print templates provide her. She likes that she can program the headers, footers, page numbers, and the font size for contact sheets she prints.

 "It's great that I don't have to limit my file names to eight characters to get them to print," Kamens said. "I love that it allows me to see the file name at the bottom of each image. Photo Album's contact sheets beat the heck out of even the higher-end image editors."

But what she likes most of all, is Photo Album's ability to print more than a single image on a page.

 "I can do a print montage of photos from five different events," she said. "I can just click and drag images from all over the place. It's great! I love doing multi-event printing. I can do four 3 1/2 X 5 on a single sheet and it doesn't have to be the same image. It's wonderful, I can create print packages and not waste any paper."

 "I would never be able to manage all these photos without Photo Album," Kamens said. "It's just the slickest, easiest little program."

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